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Leather seems to be finding its way into my wardrobe these days, one way or another and I’m not mad about it. However, if you ask me to wear just any moto jacket my answer would most likely be a hard no, with the exception of my Arrivals jacket. I can’t resist the gorgeous Petrol color it comes in and of course, the fur lining that keeps me nice and toasty. It’s been one of my most consistent and trusted pieces in my closet this entire winter season.
Leather + more leather is always a good idea in the “unofficial” Our Second Skin rulebook. I’m all for a statements these days and what’s a better statement than leather squared? I paired my jacket with what was my favorite pair of boots — or should I say pants — until I ripped them completely. I got these boot/pants from Tamara Mellon at the time and was incredibly hyped about them, as the pant/boot combo was something I hadn’t seen before.
Word of advice: don’t try to shoot them in bizarre angles. These boots are badass, that is, until you rip them completely. Hopefully I’ll be able to recommend a pair that doesn’t split in the near future. But until then…Stay tuned for more leather on the blog and more editorials, because your girl’s all about it.

Jacket: The Arrivals

Shirt: Loeil

Shoes: Tamara Mellon

Photo: @skyejones

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Few feelings compare to getting your hands on a vintage piece you’ve been coveting for a long time. I’ve been coveting the nineties feel-good era of fashion since, well, the nineties. After thoroughly digging through archives on reseller platforms (eBay, Poshmark, Heroine etc.) I finally came across this rare throwback Rocawear zip up at, wait for it, Salvation Army… in mint condition.

With today’s current political climate, everyone needs an anchor, or something that brings them back to the good times — an escape from all this cultural anxiety that comes with the lightning-fast change of the now. For me, that’s fashion. Things weren’t as complicated as they’ve become. I turn to familiar silhouettes, styles and brands. This isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it puts me at ease. Oh, and it’s sustainable.

Being sustainable and watching your footprint on earth is something every one of us should consciously work on. In America, where rampant consumerism is at an all-time high, it’s important to try and take steps toward engaging with our earth in less harmful ways. An easy way to do so is by shopping vintage and cutting down on excess spending.

Okay, rant over. Back to the look. It’s as easy as a wife beater, solid denim, sneakers and slicked back hair-do. Don’t you miss when things were simple?

Jacket: Rocawear

Denim: G-star

Photo: @jsalon

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Summer Color Story







Summer is easily my least favorite season in terms of fashion. Wardrobe becomes stale; minimal effort and monotonous looks become the norm. Differentiation gets pushed to the back burner as everyone turns to their trusted summer go-to’s: cut off shorts, tanks, and tees. Steering away this dryness is pivotal. I always find myself asking the same things during the season: how to look distinctive while dressing comfortable and avoiding dying in the heat (cue easy breezy beautiful Covergirl).

While Summer has its disadvantages – heat and lackluster clothing come to mind – there is a positive takeaway. Color can finally rise to the place that it deserves. Summer and color are a perfect match. When you’re struggling to find anything worth getting excited about it in terms of style, turn towards the basics: color blocking and pairing as an accessory of its own.

I’m wearing a Loéil two piece I stumbled upon while scrolling my Instagram feed. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine IRL. The color was bright, but not too bright, bold, but not too bold. Just perfect if you ask me. I purchased it of course no regrets here. What I admire most about the set is the silhouette, the drape and the flow. I decided to go the color blocking route and paired them with my newly bought pink pirate sandal by Céline from their Fall/Winter 17 collection.

Try a different approach to dressing up in the Summertime, even if it may seem unconventional to start pairing with colors. This is the Summer of color. Embrace it.

Earrings: From Pakistan

Photos: @aminabellaa

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Cotton Citizen x Our Second Skin



Cotton Citizen for Who What Wear by: Our Second Skin. Click Here

Meet Cotton Citizen, Los Angeles’s hottest athleisure brand of the moment. If there’s one must for summer, it’s a comfortable and versatile two-piece set. I’ve been tracking this celebrity-approved brand for quite a while and can sense from the energy it emits that it’s soon to be ubiquitous. I love this brand because it knows that the modern-day woman has a whole assortment of tasks she juggles throughout a day, so something that’s eccentric and functional can be immensely important. There are so many elements to this brand’s aesthetic that I adore: It’s funky yet minimal, and comfortable while remaining on trend.

Additionally, each of its garments uses innovative wash treatments, timeless silhouettes, and top-quality fabrics. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite part of the brand: its exclusive monochromatic color stories. Currently, they feature blazing neon colors, fitting for S/S 17. As some of us following the runway trends know, this summer is all about the ’80s neons. Basically, the brand knows what it’s doing. From garment to cut to color, Cotton Citizen will keep you looking cozy and chic all at once. Keep this brand on your radar!

See how Our Second Skin styles Cotton Citzen, here.

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It wasn’t until recently, during fashion week that it truly dawned on me that my everyday go-to get up was actually one of fashion’s biggest trends. Almost every fashion influencer, editor, and blogger showed up to fashion shows wearing feminine tailored pieces coupled with cozy athleisure sneakers, track pants, t-shirts or hoodies. I realized that fashion might finally be accepting the fact that we are everyday people, who not only love looking fly as hell but also while embracing the possibility of comfort?

And I’m glad people are catching on because this trend is SO simple. The “untailored” look, as I like to call it, is all about mixing relaxed and effortless garments with polished, lady-like statement pieces. This look takes something tailored and eases the idea up; you can look chic while still giving off that downtown “don’t fuck with me” attitude. It all works! Key pieces to incorporate are blazers (bonus points if vintage), track pants (the brighter the colors the better), and trainers.

For my personal “untailored” look I turned to my Adidas track pants I wore in fifth grade. Yes, I said fifth grade. The lime green detail was so fitting I would choose these over modern day pants any day. Lime green happens to be one of my favorite colors (*drools over SS17 Balenciaga knife bootie*) if I can incorporate it within my wardrobe I take full advantage. I paired my track pants with a pair of classic black boots along with a black turtleneck. For my tailored factor I chose a black shoulder padded and double-breasted vintage blazer from my favorite new vintage shop in Brooklyn, The Break. If you haven’t been there I suggest you go ASAP! If you can incorporate any of these tips into your Spring wardrobe, you’ll be set.

Blazer: Vintage from The Break

Shoes: Aldo

Earrings: Vintage

Turtleneck: Uniqlo

Track Pants: Adidas

Photos & Video: @yeahokayali

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Finding balance in life always seems to be an eternal struggle, whether it’s life, work, or simply choosing what to wear in the morning. It gets tough out there, ladies, I know! Side note- Yes this post is about balance, and no it’s not because of my insanely high platform shoes.

When I talk about balance, what I mean is simply balancing your wardrobe low-end to high-end. And no, to have a beautiful and versatile wardrobe does not mean designer pieces are required. Finding balance is up to each individual person and how they interpret their own personal style. No one else but you can dictate what works best for you. Well, unless you’re Bella Hadid and have 5 different celebrity stylists. If you’re Bella Hadid, I want you to know it’s okay. For me, balance is about finding a harmonious blend between high and low which comes simply if you follow a few of these tried and true tips:

First off, I love to explore new brands and labels. I don’t care if only ten people have heard of it; newness is key. I also prefer to go vintage shopping because they don’t make ’em like they did before, and that’s a fact. A tip for everyone out there: if you can’t afford designer pieces because they’re not enough bang for your buck (or too much buck for the bang), I would try going to your local thrift stores and scope out what they’ve got. Fashion is always cycling back in, and runway tends to look towards previous decades for inspiration, so 9 out of 10 times you will likely be able to find something that is a one of a kind. Besides, the “Zara effect” won’t be worrying you since x, y and z are most definitely not going to have the same vintage item as you. And lastly, yes, I do love blending in some designer goods and that just stems from my deep roots of loving runway and studying fashion.

This particular look is an ode to vintage. I recently went vintage shopping and came across this gorgeous green silk mock neck dress. As soon as I saw the dress all the bells and whistles started to go off, I had to pair it with my recently purchased Vanessa Mooney red tassel earrings. I for one happen to love red and green together, Christmas or not. Lastly, to tie the entire look together I opted for these Gucci platform sneakers. One, I love sneakers, and two, platforms are everything right now as I mentioned in my last post.

Dress: Vintage

Shoes: Gucci

Earrings: Vanessa Mooney

Photos & Video: @yeahokayali

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Reflecting on life is something I do often as of late. This year has been incredible for me considering we’re only a few weeks in. Who What Wear nominated me as their 2016 street style “rising star” in the fashion industry. I’m not sure exactly what this means to myself or others, but I’m honored that my efforts and dedication to this passion I have are being recognized.  Opportunities in life take you places and I’m just starting to see where I’m headed. I have a vision, dreams and goals. You set yourself apart from people when you actively chase these desires, rather than sitting on the sidelines. I’m confident in my second skin, I know where I’m headed.

Pants & Hoodie: Thrifted

Shoes: Air Jordan 1 

Bag: Alexander Wang

Socks: & Other Stories


Photos: Sameer Abdel-Khalek

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Urban Concrete


As some may or may not know, fashion trends often derive from ones surroundings. People tend to pick up inspiration from the world around them, unintentionally, and incorporate it in their fashion without even knowing.

This particular look was inspired by the city that surrounds me and makes me feel my finest, the concrete jungle. It is quite difficult to be uninspired by a city so great, with it’s deep cement gray tones, textured concrete walls and cobble stone roads. Not only is the place I call home the inspiration behind this look, but also an emerging influence within culture and art

My top is a collaboration piece by New York based contemporary artist KAWS and Uniqlo. Vest is from People’s Market, Denim is from Acne Studios and shoes are from Maison Margiela.

Photos: @yeahokayali

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– Anaa




This look was styled as part of an impromptu shoot, in about 10 minutes tops. I’ve come to the decision that I’m going to embrace more moments on a whim, as spontaneity is how I thrive. I always feel the most inspired when the pressure is on, and stress isn’t within my realm of experience. I’m going to save you the whole spiel on my androgynous style and how this particular look came together and let the photos speak for themselves. However, those more curious about my thought process when styling something like this can look and read more here.

I’m wearing a vintage top, H&M mens trousers and black heeled boots, along with a choker from Zara and some hair clips I threw in the mix for fun. All of the styling and creative direction is done by myself. For personal shopping, styling and creative services you can contact me here.



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– Anaa