Nike SF AF-1 MID

Nike SF AF1 Mid (15).JPGNike_795.JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (4).jpgNike SF AF1 Mid (20).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (18).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (10).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (7).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (21).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (29).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (5).jpgNike SF AF1 Mid (23).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (22).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (32).JPG

It’s well known that I am and have always been a day one Nike girl. However, there is one common misconception that’s been toying my mind. That is: People automatically assume that because you are a “Nike girl” this must mean you’re athletic, but what they’re forgetting is Nike’s stylistic appeal from a fashion perspective.

Athleisure was created for this sole reason. It’s the fashion trend that derived from athleticism without, well, having to be an athlete.  The casualization of sportswear speaks to my perpetual favorite attribute in fashion: comfort.

The SF AF-1 MID is one of my favorite recent silhouettes that directly coincides with my style. Urban utility is a trend I’ve been touting on the runway for quite some time now, but regardless of it’s urban aesthetic, these sneakers have something even greater: functionality. For someone who’s constantly on the go, a sneaker that is comfortable and stylistically edgy will always be my go-to.

Shop Ivory & Olive SF AF-1 8/11 here.

Jacket: R13

Pants: Thouqi

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. Hardware collection

Vest: Vintage

Pants: Helmut Lang

Bag: Chanel Boy Bag

Photo: @savannarr

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Cotton Citizen x Our Second Skin



Cotton Citizen for Who What Wear by: Our Second Skin. Click Here

Meet Cotton Citizen, Los Angeles’s hottest athleisure brand of the moment. If there’s one must for summer, it’s a comfortable and versatile two-piece set. I’ve been tracking this celebrity-approved brand for quite a while and can sense from the energy it emits that it’s soon to be ubiquitous. I love this brand because it knows that the modern-day woman has a whole assortment of tasks she juggles throughout a day, so something that’s eccentric and functional can be immensely important. There are so many elements to this brand’s aesthetic that I adore: It’s funky yet minimal, and comfortable while remaining on trend.

Additionally, each of its garments uses innovative wash treatments, timeless silhouettes, and top-quality fabrics. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite part of the brand: its exclusive monochromatic color stories. Currently, they feature blazing neon colors, fitting for S/S 17. As some of us following the runway trends know, this summer is all about the ’80s neons. Basically, the brand knows what it’s doing. From garment to cut to color, Cotton Citizen will keep you looking cozy and chic all at once. Keep this brand on your radar!

See how Our Second Skin styles Cotton Citzen, here.

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Reflecting on life is something I do often as of late. This year has been incredible for me considering we’re only a few weeks in. Who What Wear nominated me as their 2016 street style “rising star” in the fashion industry. I’m not sure exactly what this means to myself or others, but I’m honored that my efforts and dedication to this passion I have are being recognized.  Opportunities in life take you places and I’m just starting to see where I’m headed. I have a vision, dreams and goals. You set yourself apart from people when you actively chase these desires, rather than sitting on the sidelines. I’m confident in my second skin, I know where I’m headed.

Pants & Hoodie: Thrifted

Shoes: Air Jordan 1 

Bag: Alexander Wang

Socks: & Other Stories


Photos: Sameer Abdel-Khalek

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Brooklyn PhotoshootNYC Street StyleBrooklyn Street StyleComme Des Garcons Play T

Street style is absolutely critical in fashion these days, as it influences what designers decide to put out in runway collections. Designers are becoming more and more inspired by millennial trends, picking up on what trendsetters are wearing in the streets and in the hottest fashion hubs. And no it’s wonder why street fashion is blowing up, as it’s easy to find, and comfortable as hell! Seriously, who wants to go out and face the day in something they can’t get down and dirty in?

This look was inspired by the hustle and bustle within the streets of New York City, the place I’m grateful to call home. Living among the day-to-day action that’s always a part of city-life means that dressing for the unexpected is a must. For example, someone who has to walk as much as I do is bound to be entirely in love with the sneaker. Sneakers are an imperative staple in any street-casual look. All the realest are rocking them.

For my very own street look, I’m taking it back to the basics: a white-T and jeans. My t-shirt is by Comme Des Garçons play from Barneys, the Cargo Jeans are from Zara, and the cheetah print sneakers (which, by the way, are my new obsession) are from Vans. Shop similar here.


Photography: @dearjorge





Head to Toe V-files


My personal style is always evolving. I think that is part of the beauty in fashion. I love that I can wear something one day and something entirely different the next. For example, Rihanna can dress head to toe in a grunge goth outfit and then the next day she can pull off her sweet pretty-in-pink Rihanna aesthetic. Prime example is her latest music video for work which by the way is impeccable if you haven’t already seen it. Now I’m no Rihanna, but I do think we should all channel our inner ‘Rihanna’ and dress without boundaries.

Somedays I love my vintage threads and other days I love embodying more urban styles. I constantly find myself torn between the two, which isn’t how it has to be. You don’t consistently need to wear one thing for it to be yours. Yes, many people have signature looks, or pieces that we associate with them. But maybe incorporate that particular piece with a different look or style. Try to explore the fashion boundaries we sometimes confine ourselves within. No one is forcing you to portray yourself in one uniform way.

For this look I ditched my vintage mom jeans and traded in my cowboy boots for shadow greys. I’m wearing a head to toe V-files look, with the exception of my thermal underneath, partially because it was freezing outside! Whenever I put an outfit on I get consumed in the story behind the look or who this girl is. So I decided to take this look to the streets, quite literally, and do a shoot in a jungle gym and on the courts. Whenever I put something on I always want to showcase a version of myself. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t normally wear, I want to encourage you to take risks and just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.



Shop: @V-files for a look similar to mine.

Photography: @jsalon



Celestial Festival

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.25.33 AMAs you know one of the most popular music and art festivals, Coachella, is currently taking place. Coachella started this weekend and has one more weekend left to go. I’m pretty biased against many festivals but Coachella is not solely about music and art, it has a prominent fashion presence. Bounteous people come to Coachella dressed in their most cherished bohemian fashion pieces. Unfortunately I cannot physically be there, but that doesn’t mean I can’t mentally be there. Considering I won’t be at the festival this weekend, I wanted to create a fun little story board of potential looks I would wear. Or for any of you music lovers going to Coachella this weekend and need to throw something together last minute this is your guide.

Not only do I consider these fun pieces such as bohemian crop tops, skirts, and shorts only work for festivals, but I believe these festival fashion trends will transition into this summer. So even if you’re not going to Coachella but you want to dress the part, I hope this guide inspires your inner free spirit and helps you build onto your summer wardrobe.

Shop all these styles on Polyvore.

Culottes & Kicks

DSC_2146A previous post of mine, in which I detailed the NikeLab Air 1 “patch” collection, has garnered quite a bit of attention amongst many of you aspiring fashionistas. An awful lot of people have expressed confusion as to how one would go about styling a sneaker with maximum effectiveness. Many have the feeling that it’s really difficult to find something to match their sneakers with the perfect combination of clothes and accessories. Recently I have had quite a few friends tell me that they love the whole sporty sneaker look but they don’t believe that they can pull it off. Which is false you just need to give it a shot. Sneakers are so incredibly versatile that anyone can throw them on with nearly any outfit and make it come across as conventional. A tip for all my newbie sneaker fans: it all starts off with that first pair of sneakers and from there you’re hooked. Just one pair is all you need to kick off an addiction to what will seem like the most comfortable fashion statement you’ve ever made.


With this outfit I was aiming for an urban spring look, while at the same time trying to integrate my two favorite blends: Femininity and Edge. Everyone wants that seamless and entirely effortless look, which isn’t nearly as difficult to achieve as you’d think, even more so when you throw on a pair of kicks. My outfit is pretty simple; I’m wearing black culottes, one of my favorite trends coming back this season. Us girls all remember rocking our gauchos back in our middle school days, and the good news is they’re back and currently springs hottest trend, a definite must have in everyone’s closet. On top I’m wearing a simple elongated Zara cut off sleeve V-neck, with slits on the side for flavor. As for my accessories I am wearing a gold Marc Jacobs watch, and a flattened pearl necklace I bought during my travels in Turkey. You obviously recognize my footwear, and my socks are by Wilfred from Aritzia. Try this look out, and let me know what you think.