What Glossier’s Skin Solution Did For My Face.

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A couple of months ago, I received an email from Glossier’s team regarding a confidential, never-released-before product, asking if I wanted to test it out for four weeks prior to release. Naturally, I said yes, because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to try the cult-favorite beauty brand’s newest product? I was a little hesitant at first because, 1. My skin isn’t acne prone so I wondered if I should really be using something that might potentially trigger acne, and 2. The product is chemical based which meant it has acids in it which also freaked me out. Nevertheless I decided to run with it.

My initial thoughts when I received the package were obviously on packaging. Needless to say, the millennial in me wanted everything to post a photo on Instagram, but had to resist. Okay, no more on packaging, bottle etc. Let’s get down to business. My skin type is pretty dry, red patches, hyper pigmentation and all that jazz. The solution contains three acids Alpha Hydroxy (AHA), Beta Hydroxy (BHA) and Polyhydroxy (PHA), which are not to be intimidated by,  because in the long run these three acids will single handedly transform your skin routine.

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Week 1

My first reaction to the product was strong/intense smell, burning on face (this may just be because my virgin skin has never used any chemical acid-based products before). My face felt sticky after and not in a good hydrated,  “I need to wash this off of my face way”. But don’t get scared just yet. I hadn’t seen instant results the first week of using it but decided to keep the ball rolling.

Week 2

By the second week of using it, I had gotten used to the sensation on my skin and it actually felt really great. Since I started using the product during winter time, my skin was already really dry, so I complimented my solution with a deeply hydrating moisturizer after applying it to my skin with a cotton round. By week 2 I could already feel my skin getting cleaner, and redness fading away. The exfoliation was working.

Week 3

By week 3 I had decided this would continue to be a part of my skin regimen even after I was done testing it. Small breakouts would clear away from my skin almost immediately and I actually saw physical dead skin coming off my face. My skin texture felt softer than ever, the redness was reduced; my skin looked healthy and glowy.

Week 4

My standards for this product were proved wrong. I’m not sold on products that easily-my skin is very low maintenance (god bless) and using intense skincare products disturbs my routine. But I have to say, the solution showed physical results. My blemishes were zero to minimal, my skin was actually glowing (so many of my followers were asking me what I was using but I couldn’t tell them) but alas here is my secret: Glossier’s Skin Solution. My skin is thanking you @glossier for allowing me to be a part of this journey. Hope this review helps, let me know if you try the product and what your thoughts are on it.

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Bold & Beautiful Lip Products Perfect for Spring

5 Spring Lip Products to Die for:

New Yorkers are notorious for dressing in head-to-toe black and with Spring around the corner it’s time to shake things up! It’s the perfect time to add a dash of color to brighten up your entire look. What better way to ease yourself into the new season than with a bright new lip color. A touch of lipstick can completely alter your look taking you from casual to super chic. Our Second Skin has rounded up some hot new spring lip launches you need to get your hands on! Bright pinks, oranges, and reds are totally in this season, so ladies let’s take this opportunity and embrace our bold and beautiful lips.

Milk Makeup spring lips

Milk Makeup known for their edgy products for the on-the-go girl has a variety of versatile products perfect for Spring. Their oil lip stain comes in a hot pink and red, great for dry lips. Milk Makeup always makes sure to include the highest quality of ingredients such as Vitamin E and other moisturizer for the best and healthiest results. Milk has a felt tip lip marker and when you apply this product it makes it easy, fun and edgy. We also love the two in one lip and cheek roller amongst many different products you can shop here.

Zac Posen x Mac

As a fashion designer, Zac Posen knows how important makeup and how it can ultimately make or break a look. We are excited to see a collaboration between Posen and the adored makeup brand MAC including a range of gorgeous and bold colors. Check out his Sheer Madness, Darling Clementine and Dangerously Red lip colors here. Get it quick before it runs out!Neutrogena lips

Neutrogena is a brand we can always rely on for their affordable and functional products. Neutrogena has announced their Spring collection of moisturizing color sticks for the lips. From nudes to bright pinks, Neutrogena has all skin types covered with eight brand new shades to choose from. Shop your color stick here.



Dior Addict Lip Glow is another one of our favorite products also a great way to jump into Spring 2016! Runway trends have proven that natural pink and glossy lips are totally in. The lipstick also has a duo lip liner which is perfect to define the look and take it one step further. It comes in three colors Lilac, Sheer Coral Pink, and Sheer Natural Pink. Dior’s Lip Glow will make your lips look shiny and full giving you that effortless Dior aura. Shop here.


It’s time to throw away all your boring old lip products because Juicy Shakers are finally here! Lancôme is excited to announce their revolutionary new lip product available in thirteen addicting shades! You can control the amount of pigment on your lips by how many times you shake the product, the more you shake the stronger the color. Each bottle is flavored with fruits and natural ingredients leaving your lips soft and kissable. Get your Juicy Shaker here.




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Get Your Hands on the Hottest Nail Phenomenon Yet


If you’re anything like me (which I hope not) you’d know I’m terrible at painting nails. Lucky for those of you who aren’t gifted in the nail department, things just got a whole lot easier!

We here at OSS are all jumping for joy over the new spray on nail polish can first introduced by Nails Inc. and now by the edgy makeup company, Milk. No one wants to spend hours painting coat after coat for the perfect manicure that’s going to eventually chip, causing an endless cycle. Just like spray paint all you have to do is spray the can of nail polish on your nails, it’s that EASY. This product applies so effortless, you can forever say goodbye to bubbles and streak marks that normal nail polish tend to leave.

The application processes is sweet and simple. First you apply a base coat over your nails, then you spray the product on covering however much of the nail you want, and lastly once that dries up you apply your clear coat on top. After this entire process is done, all you have to do is wash the access spray off your hands and wah-lah you’ve got yourself some stylin’ nails.

Curious to know more, here’s a video showing exactly how it’s done:


1. Milk Makeup Spray Nail (Pre-order: here)

Spray On Nails

Milk Makeup is a contemporary makeup brand, made for the on-the-go women, who doesn’t have countless hours to apply makeup. It is conventional and their multi-purpose products are easy to use. Milk takes the spray on nail polish to the next level by adding some serious flair we’re talking nail art! Each can comes with a variety of fun and unique stencils, allowing you to manipulate the designs however you want them. Pre-orders are now available at Urban Outfitters, so get your hands on the next big thing!


2. Nails Inc. London Spray Can Nail Polish (Pre-order: Here)


Nails Inc. London first came out with this original and unique product leaving us eagerly waiting for it to hit the States! It has already been released in the UK and since then sold out. Sign up on their website to be one of the first to know when they release.

Until then-  Happy Shopping!



– Anaa

The Lip Kit Kylie Has Everyone Talking About

via: Cosmopolitan

After much anticipation my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit has FINALLY arrived in the mail! These lip kits have every girl refreshing Kylie’s website waiting for the sold out lipsticks to restock. This purchase was a guilty pleasure of mine. I really wanted to see what the hype was behind the lipstick and liner duo. Kylie Jenner originally launched three colors which was her grand debut, and after the success of that she launched an additional three colors. It currently comes in 6 colors Dolce K, Mary Jo K, Candy K, Koko K, True Brown K, and Posie K. It is also said that she has many other beauty products in the works, including nail polish.


Truthfully I was a bit skeptical of the product when placing my order, but I love makeup so it wasn’t quite the risk it could have been. I happened to be on the website by accident (I know) right before she announced her lip kits were on sale and was able to snag three, Posie K, Mary Jo K and Dolce K. I was relieved once they were in my cart and five minutes later Kylie announced they were out on her social media accounts and bam, they were instantly sold out.

Once they arrived, the first thing I noticed was packaging, which was done exceptionally well. Each Kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick. The Lip liner’s had creamy consistencies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lip liners to be honest, there wasn’t a significant difference between colors that liners should have. But the liquid matte lipstick changed the game. I had never used a liquid matte lipstick but as soon as I put it on my entire world was turned upside down.  The lipstick glided right on and dried within minutes, leaving a perfectly smooth, matte finish. Overall I was pretty satisfied with my purchase and I can’t wait to see what other products she comes out with, and good luck to everyone trying to snag these kits.




FW ’16 Runway Beauty Trends: Glitter & Grunge

Saint Laurent via Elle
Saint Laurent Via: Elle

As we come to a close end with NYFW, a lot of emerging trends have made quite an impression on the runways. Yes, of course the fashion itself was to die for, and just as striking were the number of beauty bombshells. Some major beauty trends were spotted this year and we just can’t wait to try them all out. Glitter and Grunge are two completely different genres of beauty yet we saw them morphed together into one legendary look. As we take notes from top designers these are a few major trends harmoniously blending glitter and grunge together, taking it to the next level, leaving us all blown away by the ingenuity in these looks.


Nicholas Kirkwood, Á Moi, Tadashi Shoji, and Puma by Rihanna brought back a smoked out punk look whether around the eyelids or a classic full dark lip. Smoked out shadows are back and grunge goth lips are in, so ladies don’t retire your black lipsticks just yet.



V-files brought a whole new definition to glitter incorporated beauty this Fall. Who would have thought the sought out ombré trend would make a comeback so quick.


Glitter & Grunge:

Saint Laurent did an impeccable job sending out rock n roll babes, with glittery smoked out eyeshadow. Mix these two beauty trend directions together and we get a fun new edgy way to wear our makeup. After all winged liner and red lips gets tiring some times. Spice up your look and try out this seasons hottest beauty trend; glitter and grunge.


Shop some beauty products to rock these designer looks:

Urban Decay






– A