What Glossier’s Skin Solution Did For My Face.

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A couple of months ago, I received an email from Glossier’s team regarding a confidential, never-released-before product, asking if I wanted to test it out for four weeks prior to release. Naturally, I said yes, because who in their right mind wouldn’t want to try the cult-favorite beauty brand’s newest product? I was a little hesitant at first because, 1. My skin isn’t acne prone so I wondered if I should really be using something that might potentially trigger acne, and 2. The product is chemical based which meant it has acids in it which also freaked me out. Nevertheless I decided to run with it.

My initial thoughts when I received the package were obviously on packaging. Needless to say, the millennial in me wanted everything to post a photo on Instagram, but had to resist. Okay, no more on packaging, bottle etc. Let’s get down to business. My skin type is pretty dry, red patches, hyper pigmentation and all that jazz. The solution contains three acids Alpha Hydroxy (AHA), Beta Hydroxy (BHA) and Polyhydroxy (PHA), which are not to be intimidated by,  because in the long run these three acids will single handedly transform your skin routine.

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Week 1

My first reaction to the product was strong/intense smell, burning on face (this may just be because my virgin skin has never used any chemical acid-based products before). My face felt sticky after and not in a good hydrated,  “I need to wash this off of my face way”. But don’t get scared just yet. I hadn’t seen instant results the first week of using it but decided to keep the ball rolling.

Week 2

By the second week of using it, I had gotten used to the sensation on my skin and it actually felt really great. Since I started using the product during winter time, my skin was already really dry, so I complimented my solution with a deeply hydrating moisturizer after applying it to my skin with a cotton round. By week 2 I could already feel my skin getting cleaner, and redness fading away. The exfoliation was working.

Week 3

By week 3 I had decided this would continue to be a part of my skin regimen even after I was done testing it. Small breakouts would clear away from my skin almost immediately and I actually saw physical dead skin coming off my face. My skin texture felt softer than ever, the redness was reduced; my skin looked healthy and glowy.

Week 4

My standards for this product were proved wrong. I’m not sold on products that easily-my skin is very low maintenance (god bless) and using intense skincare products disturbs my routine. But I have to say, the solution showed physical results. My blemishes were zero to minimal, my skin was actually glowing (so many of my followers were asking me what I was using but I couldn’t tell them) but alas here is my secret: Glossier’s Skin Solution. My skin is thanking you @glossier for allowing me to be a part of this journey. Hope this review helps, let me know if you try the product and what your thoughts are on it.

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New Unisex Skincare Regimen: Context

Photo Via: Context


Looking for a new skincare regimen for you and yours? Context has developed a line of skincare accessible for both men and women. This regimen is perfect for those of you women struggling to share a medicine cabinet with your partner. Get in control of your overwhelming amount of skincare products by introducing this unisex skincare line into the daily routine for the both of you.

Founder David Arbuthnot states “I found I was often buying women’s prestige skin care products for myself. While they were great products, they were too heavily fragranced for me and usually expensive. I thought ‘Why not use the same ingredients, present them in a modern simple design aesthetic, at a price point which is more accessible to a broader demographic?'”

They offer the five most essential products used for flawless skin including: an exfoliator, cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. Each of these products offers anti-aging formulas, contain powerful antioxidants, rich botanical oils and natural herbal extracts. All perfect for a range of skin types with the same goal to stay hydrated, refreshed and smooth. All products are made in the US, are not tested on animals, and have are easy to use with a beautiful minimalist design. Prices of the product are also extremely affordable ranging from $30 to $45 and if you want to buy the essential daily kit, which includes all five products, you can enjoy these products for $150 (a $185) value, and the best part: shipping is always free!

Cleanse, tone, treat and protect with active ingredients, natural scents and advanced technology for a younger, healthier looking skin, check out Context today.


Here are three of my personal favorite products: