Chanel SS18

Chanel SS18 Trainers5Chanel SS18 Trainers1.jpgChanel SS18 Trainers22Chanel SS18 Trainers3Chanel SS18 Trainers7Chanel SS18 Trainers8Chanel SS18 Trainers11Chanel SS18 Trainers21Chanel SS18 Trainers16Chanel SS18 Trainers19Chanel SS18 Trainers14Chanel SS18 Trainers4Chanel SS18 Trainers15Chanel SS18 Trainers23Chanel SS18 Trainers18Chanel SS18 Trainers17Chanel SS18 Trainers24Chanel SS18 Trainers12Chanel SS18 Trainers25

T-Shirt: Bstroy

Denim: Eytys

Sneakers: Chanel

Jewelry: Martine Ali

Photo: Callum Hutchinson

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