Leather seems to be finding its way into my wardrobe these days, one way or another and I’m not mad about it. However, if you ask me to wear just any moto jacket my answer would most likely be a hard no, with the exception of my Arrivals jacket. I can’t resist the gorgeous Petrol color it comes in and of course, the fur lining that keeps me nice and toasty. It’s been one of my most consistent and trusted pieces in my closet this entire winter season. Leather + more leather is always a good idea in the “unofficial” Our Second Skin rulebook. I’m all for a statements these days and what’s a better statement than leather squared? I paired my jacket with what was my favorite pair of boots — or should I say pants — until I ripped them completely. I got these boot/pants from Tamara Mellon at the time and was incredibly hyped about them, as the pant/boot combo was something I hadn’t seen before.Word of advice: don’t try to shoot them in bizarre angles. These boots are badass, that is, until you rip them completely. Hopefully I’ll be able to recommend a pair that doesn’t split in the near future. But until then…Stay tuned for more leather on the blog and more editorials, because your girl’s all about it.

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