Nike SF AF-1 MID

Nike SF AF1 Mid (15).JPGNike_795.JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (4).jpgNike SF AF1 Mid (20).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (18).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (10).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (7).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (21).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (29).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (5).jpgNike SF AF1 Mid (23).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (22).JPGNike SF AF1 Mid (32).JPG

It’s well known that I am and have always been a day one Nike girl. However, there is one common misconception that’s been toying my mind. That is: People automatically assume that because you are a “Nike girl” this must mean you’re athletic, but what they’re forgetting is Nike’s stylistic appeal from a fashion perspective.

Athleisure was created for this sole reason. It’s the fashion trend that derived from athleticism without, well, having to be an athlete.  The casualization of sportswear speaks to my perpetual favorite attribute in fashion: comfort.

The SF AF-1 MID is one of my favorite recent silhouettes that directly coincides with my style. Urban utility is a trend I’ve been touting on the runway for quite some time now, but regardless of it’s urban aesthetic, these sneakers have something even greater: functionality. For someone who’s constantly on the go, a sneaker that is comfortable and stylistically edgy will always be my go-to.

Shop Ivory & Olive SF AF-1 8/11 here.

Jacket: R13

Pants: Thouqi

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. Hardware collection

Vest: Vintage

Pants: Helmut Lang

Bag: Chanel Boy Bag

Photo: @savannarr

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