There comes a time and place in everyone’s winter wardrobe when it’s time to put to rest your favorite seasonal pieces. Yes, the familiar ones you’ve been dragging around and swaddled in all Winter. As Summer approaches a farewell is in order to all of those, even for us too hesitant to pack up the prized goods. It’s not goodbye, but as one might say rather a parting. For me, this means letting go of my beloved winter statement piece: the leather trench.

The ‘Shedding of the Trench’ is the moment when you’re holding on by all means to your favorite winter garment and it’s just time to let go. Most can  probably relate. Summer (my least favorite season) is here, which to me is a huge let down. Not because of the weather outside or the time period; mainly just because of the elementary clothes and forgive me if you disagree. Summer is so straightforward think: denim cutoffs, floral dresses and sandals. BORING. Fashion seems cyclical every year during the Summer, whereas the Winter is completely fresh. That’s an objective fact. A look feels incomplete if there aren’t several pieces attached or elements elevating the entire look.

So here it is, my final post (hopefully, if you’re lucky) embodying my favorite Winter-Spring transitional trend: the leather trench. A transitional way to ease into the summer. Shed the trench and underneath you’ll find a vintage sleeveless turtle neck, AGOLDE denim jeans and vintage sling back heels. Colors are key here; pops of color and soft floral prints make great for a shift into brighter tones and loud patterns.

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