It wasn’t until recently, during fashion week that it truly dawned on me that my everyday go-to get up was actually one of fashion’s biggest trends. Almost every fashion influencer, editor, and blogger showed up to fashion shows wearing feminine tailored pieces coupled with cozy athleisure sneakers, track pants, t-shirts or hoodies. I realized that fashion might finally be accepting the fact that we are everyday people, who not only love looking fly as hell but also while embracing the possibility of comfort?

And I’m glad people are catching on because this trend is SO simple. The “untailored” look, as I like to call it, is all about mixing relaxed and effortless garments with polished, lady-like statement pieces. This look takes something tailored and eases the idea up; you can look chic while still giving off that downtown “don’t fuck with me” attitude. It all works! Key pieces to incorporate are blazers (bonus points if vintage), track pants (the brighter the colors the better), and trainers.

For my personal “untailored” look I turned to my Adidas track pants I wore in fifth grade. Yes, I said fifth grade. The lime green detail was so fitting I would choose these over modern day pants any day. Lime green happens to be one of my favorite colors (*drools over SS17 Balenciaga knife bootie*) if I can incorporate it within my wardrobe I take full advantage. I paired my track pants with a pair of classic black boots along with a black turtleneck. For my tailored factor I chose a black shoulder padded and double-breasted vintage blazer from my favorite new vintage shop in Brooklyn, The Break. If you haven’t been there I suggest you go ASAP! If you can incorporate any of these tips into your Spring wardrobe, you’ll be set.

  • Blazer: Vintage from The Break
  • Shoes: Aldo
  • Earrings: Vintage
  • Turtleneck: Uniqlo
  • Track Pants: Adidas
  • Photos & Video: @yeahokayali

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