Finding balance in life always seems to be an eternal struggle, whether it’s life, work, or simply choosing what to wear in the morning. It gets tough out there, ladies, I know! Side note- Yes this post is about balance, and no it’s not because of my insanely high platform shoes.

When I talk about balance, what I mean is simply balancing your wardrobe low-end to high-end. And no, to have a beautiful and versatile wardrobe does not mean designer pieces are required. Finding balance is up to each individual person and how they interpret their own personal style. No one else but you can dictate what works best for you. Well, unless you’re Bella Hadid and have 5 different celebrity stylists. If you’re Bella Hadid, I want you to know it’s okay. For me, balance is about finding a harmonious blend between high and low which comes simply if you follow a few of these tried and true tips:

First off, I love to explore new brands and labels. I don’t care if only ten people have heard of it; newness is key. I also prefer to go vintage shopping because they don’t make ’em like they did before, and that’s a fact. A tip for everyone out there: if you can’t afford designer pieces because they’re not enough bang for your buck (or too much buck for the bang), I would try going to your local thrift stores and scope out what they’ve got. Fashion is always cycling back in, and runway tends to look towards previous decades for inspiration, so 9 out of 10 times you will likely be able to find something that is a one of a kind. Besides, the “Zara effect” won’t be worrying you since x, y and z are most definitely not going to have the same vintage item as you. And lastly, yes, I do love blending in some designer goods and that just stems from my deep roots of loving runway and studying fashion.

This particular look is an ode to vintage. I recently went vintage shopping and came across this gorgeous green silk mock neck dress. As soon as I saw the dress all the bells and whistles started to go off, I had to pair it with my recently purchased Vanessa Mooney red tassel earrings. I for one happen to love red and green together, Christmas or not. Lastly, to tie the entire look together I opted for these Gucci platform sneakers. One, I love sneakers, and two, platforms are everything right now as I mentioned in my last post.

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