Staying true to one’s own style is something I often see people having difficulty with, and when you add fame, followers and likes to the mix, things can get complicated. It seems to me that oftentimes (but not always) style bloggers tend to lose their panache or who they are because of the plethora of free product thrown at them. It’s hard to stay authentic, especially while being influenced by the basically constant waves of information we are barraged with in the 21st century. Who is doing what or what celebrity is wearing the newest Gucci bag? It’s a lot to keep up with. I say fuck all that and just do you.

Over the past year I’ve realized that I can be my own worst critic. If that’s the case, then why should I care? My work is a reflection of me and I shouldn’t have to change or mask myself for the benefit of anyone else. Yes, at times I wish that my authenticity would read to my viewers and sit well with them. Isn’t that the ultimate goal? I know that if I take a simplistic route it would probably get more attention, but that is not what Our Second Skin is about. Our Second Skin is all about embodying who you are while taking risks. I can look at something I styled a year ago and despise it but to me that is beautiful, because it shows growth and development.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate working with other brands, in fact I dig it; any opportunity to showcase my work is always something I look forward to. My only requirements is for there to be a harmonious blend between the two parties working together: it has to be meaningful, and it has to be authentic. The marriage of business between two partners who have nothing to do with each other makes no sense to me. So to my dedicated followers reading this, don’t worry I won’t be endorsing flat tummy tea anytime soon.

Despite the negativity the word “blogger” has attached to it, I can assure you my credibility and sense of self will never be lost throughout the process. This is not just a hobby of mine. This is everything; fashion, trends and styling has consumed my life in the best possible way. This look is something I put together with ease, and came together quite organically.  I happened to be lounging around at my friend’s apartment and we both had this sudden urge to shoot, moral of the story is that sweatpants and hoodies are chic! Put a statement piece on top or some dope kicks and you are set. With the right attitude, sometimes that’s all it takes. Embrace your second skin.

  • Hoodie: H&M
  • T-Shirt: Supreme
  • Track Pants: Kappa
  • Trainers: Chanel
  • Photos: Skye Jones

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