A neutral color palette is one you can always be confident in. Colors like these compliment each other, and other colors exceptionally. Not only do they go well with other neutrals, but they are unmatched in the way they appeal to the eye. Always a safe bet.

I wore this particular look to work. Typically, one might say “how on earth does someone wear something this casual to work?” But when you work at KITH, sneakers are imperative, and I’m not one to complain. No matter what you wear, you have to feel comfortable. Otherwise, what’s the point? And no worries; if your job doesn’t allow you to wear something like this to work, you can always make it work as a weekend outfit.

I’m wearing nude Nike Air Max 1 Patch sneakers, and a Fear of God olive green bomber from KITH. I chose to wear all black underneath to make the neutrals stand out. The top and bottom are both thrifted.

Photography: @arab_lincoln 

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– Anaa