A Pop of Color We All Need in Our Closets

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Often, I find myself getting lost in the monochromatic color schemes of New York City, with its refined buildings, cement sidewalks, and cobblestone roads. It’s always fun to break out of the element one feel’s most comfortable in and just let the sun SHINE. I’m not saying the only way to do this is by dressing in vibrant colors, you can ease your way in with some pastel colors by mixing them with your go-to classic pieces. Which is exactly what I did. I paired a light yellow blouse which I thrifted with my favorite Sandro jeans and a go-to black boot to stay true to my style.

To take any look to the next level and make sure you’re looking extra spicy, accessories are KEY. I am seriously swearing by the “neckerchief” for this summer, and when it gets a little too hot, tone it down  with a choker instead. To make any look complete, accessories play a major factor, and I’m not just talking throwing on a necklace or some other jewelry on. I’m taking it back to the ABC’s:  adding sunglasses, a belt in the empty loopholes, and a cute bag. Simple, but affective.


Top: Vintage

Jeans: Sandro Paris

Sunglasses: Ray-ban

Shoes: Aldo (similar)

Bag: Gucci


Photography: Matthew Pastula

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