Here in America clocks have officially been set forward, signifying that Spring has finally sprung. Birds are chirping, flowers are slowly blooming, and the weather is warming up. This temperature change can cause some serious indecision, especially while leaving the house in semi-questionable looks, but fear not. We have found the perfect transitional dress for the Spring/Summer; the Maxi dress. Now some of you may be thinking, “a maxi dress! There’s no way I’m wearing that until it’s 80 degrees out” and that’s where you’re mistaken. The Maxi was proven a predominant trend on the Spring 2016 runway, there were a plethora of designers sending their models down the runway in a Maxi dress which can easily be layered up and layered down.

The most important factor when it comes to wearing the Maxi dress is how you style it. The weather during spring time can be completely unpredictable from sunny highs to windy lows, so it’s important to layer up. You can throw on a denim jacket, a light scarf, and some boots onto your dress allowing you to easily adjust to sweltering sunny mornings, and chilly brisk nights. And when the summer comes take your dress, throw on some strappy sandals and call it a day.

For my own transitional Spring look, I am wearing a dress from Reformation, they have a great selection of dresses perfect for any occasion. I paired my maxi with a light turtle neck, a vintage scarf, and some black knee high boots. Maxi’s are a fun way to showcase your own personal style and add some flair to any plain dress, there are endless options on what you can do with it, so have fun!

– Anaa