After much anticipation my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit has FINALLY arrived in the mail! These lip kits have every girl refreshing Kylie’s website waiting for the sold out lipsticks to restock. This purchase was a guilty pleasure of mine. I really wanted to see what the hype was behind the lipstick and liner duo. Kylie Jenner originally launched three colors which was her grand debut, and after the success of that she launched an additional three colors. It currently comes in 6 colors Dolce K, Mary Jo K, Candy K, Koko K, True Brown K, and Posie K. It is also said that she has many other beauty products in the works, including nail polish.

Truthfully I was a bit skeptical of the product when placing my order, but I love makeup so it wasn’t quite the risk it could have been. I happened to be on the website by accident (I know) right before she announced her lip kits were on sale and was able to snag three, Posie K, Mary Jo K and Dolce K. I was relieved once they were in my cart and five minutes later Kylie announced they were out on her social media accounts and bam, they were instantly sold out.

Once they arrived, the first thing I noticed was packaging, which was done exceptionally well. Each Kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick. The Lip liner’s had creamy consistencies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lip liners to be honest, there wasn’t a significant difference between colors that liners should have. But the liquid matte lipstick changed the game. I had never used a liquid matte lipstick but as soon as I put it on my entire world was turned upside down.  The lipstick glided right on and dried within minutes, leaving a perfectly smooth, matte finish. Overall I was pretty satisfied with my purchase and I can’t wait to see what other products she comes out with, and good luck to everyone trying to snag these kits.