No matter the season, I find it impossible to escape out of my leather jacket obsession; they seem to always find a way back into my wardrobe. In fact, the leather jacket remains a staple of many people’s lives and rightfully so. The Leather Moto Jacket is the one item in your closet that is always worth the splurge (or in my case, every single color is worth the splurge). It’s completely versatile in the sense that you can wear it all year around, rain or shine. Personally, I wore my black leather jacket repeatedly to the point where I felt I needed a change. I happened to stumble across this vintage ray of sunshine at No Relations in the East Village; the tan leather was something completely unique from what I was used to, and could easily be paired with a variety of different outfits. You can pair a leather jacket with quite literally anything and you’re guaranteed to look good!

If you’re having trouble finding that worn in, vintage motorcycle jacket, I’d recommend checking out any L-train location (for my manhattan/BK babes) close to your area. Leather jackets are typically stiff with little wiggle room, which is why I suggest a vintage store, for that perfect worn in and easily layer-able jacket. And hey, if you already have that perfect leather jacket in your life, and you think I’m just going off for no reason, why not spruce it up a bit? One of my favorite things to do is personalize my old leather jackets and bring them back to life. This is where the inner arts and crafts 8 year old comes out in me, and I say that without shame or embarrassment. You can go as subtle as just adding a few pins or patches, or you could take the full leap forward and paint your favorite saying or favorite drawings. Just get creative with it, even if that means harassing your artsy friends until they finally give in. Don’t know what to put over your outfit the next time you leave the house? Remember, when in doubt leather is always the answer!

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Photography: Matthew Pastula