Head to Toe V-files


My personal style is always evolving. I think that is part of the beauty in fashion. I love that I can wear something one day and something entirely different the next. For example, Rihanna can dress head to toe in a grunge goth outfit and then the next day she can pull off her sweet pretty-in-pink Rihanna aesthetic. Prime example is her latest music video for work which by the way is impeccable if you haven’t already seen it. Now I’m no Rihanna, but I do think we should all channel our inner ‘Rihanna’ and dress without boundaries.

Somedays I love my vintage threads and other days I love embodying more urban styles. I constantly find myself torn between the two, which isn’t how it has to be. You don’t consistently need to wear one thing for it to be yours. Yes, many people have signature looks, or pieces that we associate with them. But maybe incorporate that particular piece with a different look or style. Try to explore the fashion boundaries we sometimes confine ourselves within. No one is forcing you to portray yourself in one uniform way.

For this look I ditched my vintage mom jeans and traded in my cowboy boots for shadow greys. I’m wearing a head to toe V-files look, with the exception of my thermal underneath, partially because it was freezing outside! Whenever I put an outfit on I get consumed in the story behind the look or who this girl is. So I decided to take this look to the streets, quite literally, and do a shoot in a jungle gym and on the courts. Whenever I put something on I always want to showcase a version of myself. Even if it’s something you wouldn’t normally wear, I want to encourage you to take risks and just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.



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The Lip Kit Kylie Has Everyone Talking About

via: Cosmopolitan

After much anticipation my Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit has FINALLY arrived in the mail! These lip kits have every girl refreshing Kylie’s website waiting for the sold out lipsticks to restock. This purchase was a guilty pleasure of mine. I really wanted to see what the hype was behind the lipstick and liner duo. Kylie Jenner originally launched three colors which was her grand debut, and after the success of that she launched an additional three colors. It currently comes in 6 colors Dolce K, Mary Jo K, Candy K, Koko K, True Brown K, and Posie K. It is also said that she has many other beauty products in the works, including nail polish.


Truthfully I was a bit skeptical of the product when placing my order, but I love makeup so it wasn’t quite the risk it could have been. I happened to be on the website by accident (I know) right before she announced her lip kits were on sale and was able to snag three, Posie K, Mary Jo K and Dolce K. I was relieved once they were in my cart and five minutes later Kylie announced they were out on her social media accounts and bam, they were instantly sold out.

Once they arrived, the first thing I noticed was packaging, which was done exceptionally well. Each Kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid matte lipstick. The Lip liner’s had creamy consistencies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the lip liners to be honest, there wasn’t a significant difference between colors that liners should have. But the liquid matte lipstick changed the game. I had never used a liquid matte lipstick but as soon as I put it on my entire world was turned upside down.  The lipstick glided right on and dried within minutes, leaving a perfectly smooth, matte finish. Overall I was pretty satisfied with my purchase and I can’t wait to see what other products she comes out with, and good luck to everyone trying to snag these kits.




FW ’16 Runway Beauty Trends: Glitter & Grunge

Saint Laurent via Elle
Saint Laurent Via: Elle

As we come to a close end with NYFW, a lot of emerging trends have made quite an impression on the runways. Yes, of course the fashion itself was to die for, and just as striking were the number of beauty bombshells. Some major beauty trends were spotted this year and we just can’t wait to try them all out. Glitter and Grunge are two completely different genres of beauty yet we saw them morphed together into one legendary look. As we take notes from top designers these are a few major trends harmoniously blending glitter and grunge together, taking it to the next level, leaving us all blown away by the ingenuity in these looks.


Nicholas Kirkwood, Á Moi, Tadashi Shoji, and Puma by Rihanna brought back a smoked out punk look whether around the eyelids or a classic full dark lip. Smoked out shadows are back and grunge goth lips are in, so ladies don’t retire your black lipsticks just yet.



V-files brought a whole new definition to glitter incorporated beauty this Fall. Who would have thought the sought out ombré trend would make a comeback so quick.


Glitter & Grunge:

Saint Laurent did an impeccable job sending out rock n roll babes, with glittery smoked out eyeshadow. Mix these two beauty trend directions together and we get a fun new edgy way to wear our makeup. After all winged liner and red lips gets tiring some times. Spice up your look and try out this seasons hottest beauty trend; glitter and grunge.


Shop some beauty products to rock these designer looks:

Urban Decay






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How to Score Vintage Threads Like OSS

How to Score Vintage Threads The OSS Way:


In New York City, thrifting and vintage shopping isn’t just a way to obtain affordable clothing, it’s a lifestyle hobby and more importantly a sport. To the average human who can’t find anything to do on a Saturday evening thrifting would never cross their mind, but not us New Yorkers! What better way to create the perfectly curated closet than an afternoon of sifting and thrifting. Everyone is always searching for those exclusive pieces to add to their wardrobe to set them apart, but where to find them is the real dilemma. Looking for the perfect vintage threads may often seem impossible. No need to clean out your grandmas’ closet anymore, because we have you covered.

For a beginners guide at thrifting here is a look into a few of Our Second Skin’s favorite Vintage stores:

1. Urban Jungle: 120 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, (718) 381-8510

This hip Brooklyn spot embodies, the urban “hipster” customer. They sell an amazing range of all things retro from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They have the perfect selection of denim EVERYTHING, from pants to jackets to skirts. This Brooklyn chain has a massive variety from jackets, blazers, flannels, and so much more, and the best part is everything is super affordable. Vintage stores typically over-price their items, but they are true to price at Urban Jungle. Definitely one of my favorite stores to spend the day in, there are endless possibilities.


2. Awoke Vintage: 132 N 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 387-3130

Located in the cultural hub of Williamsburg lays the perfectly curated Vintage shop; Awoke Vintage. While many vintage stores with endless clothing can be exhausting, Awoke is easy to browse with a small handpicked collection of vintage garments from all over the globe. The store is eclectic, fun and the ladies who work there can style you head to toe with their expert knowledge on vintage pieces. This boutique style store is always consistent with their selection including, denim, jumpers, leather, and dresses. Warning: It is almost impossible leaving this store without something in hand!


3. Beacons Closet: 23 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, (718) 417-5683

This Brooklyn gem is one of my favorite places to find à la mode designer duds for affordable prices. Unlike other vintage stores, Beacons closet offers buy, trade, and sell services, which is a great way to get rid of your old clothes and cash in some new gold. They have a great collection of groovy pieces and a killer shoe selection, leaving you wanting more.




Photography: @matthewpastula

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New Unisex Skincare Regimen: Context

Photo Via: Context


Looking for a new skincare regimen for you and yours? Context has developed a line of skincare accessible for both men and women. This regimen is perfect for those of you women struggling to share a medicine cabinet with your partner. Get in control of your overwhelming amount of skincare products by introducing this unisex skincare line into the daily routine for the both of you.

Founder David Arbuthnot states “I found I was often buying women’s prestige skin care products for myself. While they were great products, they were too heavily fragranced for me and usually expensive. I thought ‘Why not use the same ingredients, present them in a modern simple design aesthetic, at a price point which is more accessible to a broader demographic?'”

They offer the five most essential products used for flawless skin including: an exfoliator, cleanser, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. Each of these products offers anti-aging formulas, contain powerful antioxidants, rich botanical oils and natural herbal extracts. All perfect for a range of skin types with the same goal to stay hydrated, refreshed and smooth. All products are made in the US, are not tested on animals, and have are easy to use with a beautiful minimalist design. Prices of the product are also extremely affordable ranging from $30 to $45 and if you want to buy the essential daily kit, which includes all five products, you can enjoy these products for $150 (a $185) value, and the best part: shipping is always free!

Cleanse, tone, treat and protect with active ingredients, natural scents and advanced technology for a younger, healthier looking skin, check out Context today.


Here are three of my personal favorite products:


A Leather Look



No matter the season, I find it impossible to escape out of my leather jacket obsession; they seem to always find a way back into my wardrobe. In fact, the leather jacket remains a staple of many people’s lives and rightfully so. The Leather Moto Jacket is the one item in your closet that is always worth the splurge (or in my case, every single color is worth the splurge). It’s completely versatile in the sense that you can wear it all year around, rain or shine. Personally, I wore my black leather jacket repeatedly to the point where I felt I needed a change. I happened to stumble across this vintage ray of sunshine at No Relations in the East Village; the tan leather was something completely unique from what I was used to, and could easily be paired with a variety of different outfits. You can pair a leather jacket with quite literally anything and you’re guaranteed to look good!


If you’re having trouble finding that worn in, vintage motorcycle jacket, I’d recommend checking out any L-train location (for my manhattan/BK babes) close to your area. Leather jackets are typically stiff with little wiggle room, which is why I suggest a vintage store, for that perfect worn in and easily layer-able jacket. And hey, if you already have that perfect leather jacket in your life, and you think I’m just going off for no reason, why not spruce it up a bit? One of my favorite things to do is personalize my old leather jackets and bring them back to life. This is where the inner arts and crafts 8 year old comes out in me, and I say that without shame or embarrassment. You can go as subtle as just adding a few pins or patches, or you could take the full leap forward and paint your favorite saying or favorite drawings. Just get creative with it, even if that means harassing your artsy friends until they finally give in. Don’t know what to put over your outfit the next time you leave the house? Remember, when in doubt leather is always the answer!

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Photography: Matthew Pastula 

Top– Aritzia, Leather Jacket– No Relations, Jeans– H&M, Boots– Nasty Gal, Accessories– Lydell