Via Toothriftychicks

Why should YOU go thrifting?…well for starters here are a few reasons:

1. Prices are a complete steal compared to what you’d drop at designer stores.

2. Fashion is always being recycled, someone’s trash can be your treasure.

3. Your wardrobe will surely have variety. No more wearing the same old outfits just because you need to get your money’s worth.

4. If you have an eye for fashion, people will compliment your thrifted goods since you obviously know how to style them.

5. You can purchase something, and if you don’t like it the next day you can easily justify the “spontaneous” purchase by its ridiculously low price.

6. For that hallelujah moment when you find Sergio Rossi heels for $8 in comparison to the actual $700 price. (Oh yeah…it’s happened!)

7. When you come across that exclusive thrift find and you know damn well no other girl in school will be sporting your look.

8. Thrift stores help you develop a personal, unique style.

9. You know how they say “shop till’ you drop”, well in this case “sift while you thrift” until you find that one rewarding garment.

10. Lastly, thrifting makes for unique, one of a kind gifts that have meaning to both you and the recipient.