Often times it’s difficult to set yourself apart from others especially when it comes to fashion and it’s rollercoaster of trends. It’s ridiculously time consuming keeping up to par with whats hot and whats not. As a fashion enthusiast, I’m personally always looking to see whats the come up and it truly gets overwhelming. Most recently, I thought to myself, how can I make something universal like a T-shirt fit my own style and set myself apart from the norm. When it comes to fashion one of my biggest drives is trying to subvert conformity to the best of my abilities. I don’t want to wear exactly what society thinks I’d look good in. I’d rather make a statement. That is why I decided to take a commonplace skater look and transform it with what happens to be my current favorite trend, the western influence.

Everyone has that one Tee they adore that they stole from their boyfriend or perhaps maybe a “guy friend” (in my case) that they live in. Oversized T-shirts are so simple and easy to dress up, which is why you can’t go wrong with them. Thrasher T-shirts have been really in right now, mostly common amongst the skater scene yet slowly but surely working itself into the hypebeast scene. You typically see people wearing these with a loose fitted jean, and some vans, which always looks great. But I thought to myself how could I pair this while still creating a seamless composition? I decided to couple them with a light wash jean from Zara primarily because I was accessorizing with black which creates contrast. I decided to take the western route and combined it with my new favorite Nasty Gal cowgirl boots and of course this weeks thrift: my western plated belt from L-train vintage. In addition to that I added a little gothic spice to it with a black choker and dark-smokey makeup with the help of the lovely makeup artist Sommer Spagnolo. I hope this look can inspire you all to take a risk and mix and match it with different trends, create something you can call your own!