This Weeks Thrift: Velvet Rose Scarf

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This week I struck gold during my weekly thrift shopping outing. I bought a few rare vintage pieces which I’m super stoked to reveal within the next few weeks, but for now let’s talk about my rad new Stevie Nicks inspired scarf. It was love at first ‘touch’ when I dug my hands into a box full of hand-me-down scarves and felt this gorgeous velvety fabric brush against my hand. I tugged at the scarf immediately and was amazed with my incredible luck (Remember patience is key when thrifting). Once I finally had the entire scarf in my hand I noticed it was black velvet on one side, velvet with roses on the other, with a beautiful pleated lining around the edges. I found this gem at No Relation on the east side in Manhattan. They stay holding me down with fresh merch, I highly recommend this place if you’re looking to quickly find some quality “throwbies”.

And for those of you less interested in my extra lengthy description on my journey to find the ultimate winter scarf, the remainder of my outfit is from various locations. The jeans I’m wearing are Levi’s 501s from Urban Outfitters, shoes are vintage Nine West, and wrap-top is from American Apparel. My jewels are all from Lydell including the dainty hoops and edgy choker. Stay tuned to my Instagram @oursecondskin to enter for a chance to win the Lydell Choker. Don’t forget to check out and shop some jewelry.


Photos by: Matthew Pastula 


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