Print Mash-up

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As most of you know I’ve got a complete new-do, but I found a little impromptu look I shot on mixing prints a few weeks ago within my archives and thought I ought to share it. If you asked me to mix different prints a year ago I would tell you that’s absurd and way too bougie for my liking. But as styles evolve so do trends and the way we put things together. To support this notion you can take a look at the spring 2016 runway shows, a myriad of designers are taking a risk while mixing prints and graphics. I’ve mixed two plaid checkered prints, which at times, can become a little overwhelming. But the key is to take one subtle print and pair it with a stronger print, diverting attention of the eye. To go the extra mile I added a printed scarf, which is one of my favorite accessories for the Fall. This look is something I would throw on for class or just for a general casual outing. I’m wearing a Uniqlo men’s button up, Forever 21 legging pants, Adidas superstars and a paisley printed handkerchief around my neck.

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Because symmetry is wack

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The air feels like Fall again, which means it’s time to switch up your style. This Autumn I’m going for something unique, a completely fresh look. The beauty of fashion is that its constantly changing and being changed and I love that on any given day you can get up and transform yourself, just by getting a new haircut or a different style. Recently I felt overwhelmingly bored with my everyday look, which I attribute to my dated hairstyle. To be completely honest my flow was dead along with the bottom of my hair and my old ombre came across as unkempt. I woke up one morning with the sudden desire to just chop it all off, because why the hell not? So for those of you who are afraid to cut your hair or try something risky, my advice is screw it you’re young. It will always grow back, after all. 


The look I was going for was meant to be a bit edgy, but still something that would fit my style and complete my get-up. I know short hair is getting hackneyed, which is why I had to add my own little twist on it, ‘cause it seems like everyone either has a lob or a short blunt haircut. But what twist could I add? I settled on an asymmetrical haircut (in case you didn’t get the memo, symmetry is dead). I thought: what’s the worst that could happen? Well, either one of two things could occur. The first being that I could end up cutting it all off and it can look exactly how I wanted it to be, something sleek and contemporary. Second scenario: I chop it all off and end up looking like an 8 year old boy with a mushroom head. Either way, I was into it. I was willing to take the risk, as all aspiring fashionistas should. The moral of this in-depth story of my hair change is to not overthink anything and just go with it. You might regret it for a little while if you do it, but you could regret it forever if you don’t. Hope this inspires all of you to have fun and to try out a new style this Fall!

The outfit that got me on Vogue

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Here I have one of the many looks I adopted for New York Fashion Week, it’s been a little while but better late than never. This ensemble was specifically put together for the Mara Hoffman Spring 2016 show. I’m wearing a plaid jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters, leather jacket from Mango, Sergio Rossi suede heels and a black Prada bag. Thankfully I had the foresight to wear something comfortable while running around from show to show like a maniac, hence the jumpsuit.

I’m really particular about the plaid prints that I experiment with on occasion. Often they tend to be borderline cheesy, so when I happened across this specific print I grabbed it without hesitation. Also, lately I’ve developed an affinity for using scarves as chokers and handkerchiefs. Well… not just scarves. I basically tie them onto every surface I have tons spare: neck, wrists, jeans, and especially bags. I noticed a lot of people during fashion week swagging out their bags with keychains, fur and scarves so for Fall I advise all of you to spice up your bags with some flair.

This particular look, to my delight, landed me on one of my most frequented websites, To view my outfit on the street style article click here!

All photos by: Matthew Pastula 

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