My whole look today is all about channeling every young woman’s latent inner 50’s spirit. It’s alluding to the rock and roll greaser days with an added touch of femininity, because you can never be satisfied with just one blanket style. As I’ve said before fashion is cyclical, always coming and going and being recycled by the world so that old meets new. I constantly find myself nostalgic for some era of fashion that I personally didn’t get to experience, and I channel that into my own style. When my mind gets saturated from a lot of the derivative fashion of the “now” I find myself combing the history books to hopefully be inspired by the past. The look itself is fairly versatile and can be adopted for a vast variety of circumstances, from casual to formal. I’m always in an upswing of my relationship with stripes so as you can see I’ve used them to add a modern twist to the look I was going for. The whole 50’s thing is really hard to pull off without evoking a stepford wives element, so to really achieve the greaser girl aesthetic I wore some extra high waisted black denim pants, and of course accessorized it with a woven belt and some red lips which really helped to pull the whole look together. After all when you’re mimicking the 50’s you have to go for the bad-ass, nonconformist look.

As for what I’m wearing in this look, my off the shoulder top is from Urban Outfitters, you can find my denim jeans at Acne Studios, the boots are from Zara, and the denim jacket is vintage. It’s super easy to achieve this look especially since almost everyone has a staple pair of denim pants and a denim jacket. All you have to do is find the perfect off the shoulder top, to get one similar to mine click here

Photography by: Matthew Pastula