My style has most definitely evolved while growing up and has really defined what kind of fashion delights me. A constant frustration for me is when people say “oh you changed your style” or “oh thats not your style.” There is no style that cannot be your style. Take whatever you want, wear whatever you want and make it who you are. That’s exactly what fashion is, change. Constant change, constant fluctuation, a movement, a direction, where it goes where it takes you thats all part of the journey that is fashion.

My personal ethos when trying to describe my style is all about creating something from nothing. I like taking something divisive and transforming it into something visually and aesthetically pleasing. I don’t like the term “shopping”, as I take great care in handpicking every single one of my pieces. It’s far more complicated than simply walking into a store and selecting a garment. People tend to have a very limited scope of what fashion entails, and often miss the artistry behind putting together an outfit. I love going to second hand stores, finding gems and submerging the old with new, creating modern fashion with a twist. It’s amazing how two completely different styles can come together and create one beautiful, seamless look.

Contrary to my recent experimentation with color, I’m going back to black. No matter what road I take with my style I find myself always coming back to my comfort zone of all enveloping darkness. There’s something sexy about all black, I don’t know exactly what it is. But it alludes to mystery and always manages to attract the eye. For this outfit I went back to my thrifting routes and handpicked these Ivanka Trump knee high boots and found this military vest from People’s Market. I paired my cargo vest with some high waisted skinny jeans and for extra emphasis on my legs with knee high boots. Now that we’re almost transitioning into Fall I thought to myself why not whip out the boots. This look is so easily versatile from day to night, forget preconceived notions of wearing black only at night.

Photos by the lovely: Darien Maginn