Back To Black

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Back To Black

My style has most definitely evolved while growing up and has really defined what kind of fashion delights me. A constant frustration for me is when people say “oh you changed your style” or “oh thats not your style.” There is no style that cannot be your style. Take whatever you want, wear whatever you want and make it who you are. That’s exactly what fashion is, change. Constant change, constant fluctuation, a movement, a direction, where it goes where it takes you thats all part of the journey that is fashion.

My personal ethos when trying to describe my style is all about creating something from nothing. I like taking something divisive and transforming it into something visually and aesthetically pleasing. I don’t like the term “shopping”, as I take great care in handpicking every single one of my pieces. It’s far more complicated than simply walking into a store and selecting a garment. People tend to have a very limited scope of what fashion entails, and often miss the artistry behind putting together an outfit. I love going to second hand stores, finding gems and submerging the old with new, creating modern fashion with a twist. It’s amazing how two completely different styles can come together and create one beautiful, seamless look.

Contrary to my recent experimentation with color, I’m going back to black. No matter what road I take with my style I find myself always coming back to my comfort zone of all enveloping darkness. There’s something sexy about all black, I don’t know exactly what it is. But it alludes to mystery and always manages to attract the eye. For this outfit I went back to my thrifting routes and handpicked these Ivanka Trump knee high boots and found this military vest from People’s Market. I paired my cargo vest with some high waisted skinny jeans and for extra emphasis on my legs with knee high boots. Now that we’re almost transitioning into Fall I thought to myself why not whip out the boots. This look is so easily versatile from day to night, forget preconceived notions of wearing black only at night.


Photos by the lovely: Darien Maginn 


Femininity vs. Masculinity: Creating the perfect balance


How to create a perfect balance of femininity and Masculinity within your look

Balancing out femininity with masculinity has always been an issue I have dealt with. How does one make something look androgynous, or feminine, for that matter? I often find myself either too masculine or too feminine, although most of the times it’s edging towards too masculine. Fashion is a complex arena in today’s world. It’s replete with dialogue over what ‘femininity’ or ‘masculinity’ are and whether these gendered concepts are obsolete now. However, the scope of these issues far transcends that of this blog, so I’ll just keep it sweet and simple.

Often, women face a dilemma while dressing up: Too dress for ourselves, or for the crowd. Of course we must always go with our heart, but appreciation from others never hurts either. So when I got this look together I found myself pondering over a trivial yet obvious issue. I thought to myself: “I look like such a boy, no one is going to think this is cute”. Keep in mind that I have no problem dressing like a guy (especially considering most of my apparel is from the men’s section.) So what I’m trying to get at is that each outfit needs the perfect equilibrium of femininity and masculinity to achieve what you are going for. And for each individual it can be done in a plethora of different ways, whether it’s through clothing, accessories, makeup or even your personality. Everyone can add their own unique twist to their outfit in order to achieve that harmonious balance we all are searching for.

This whole idea dawned upon my trip in Toronto while I was getting dressed everyday to strut the town. I wanted to look good for myself but also for the new crowd that I was about to enter wherever my travels brought me. As for what I’m wearing: I knew from the beginning of my day that I wanted to wear my sporty cropped short sleeve zip up and my Air Jordan 1’s in shadow grey. Now ultimately I knew I was dealing with two masculine pieces and I didn’t want to overkill it, so I thought to lighten the entire outfit up and achieve a perfectly balanced look I had to add a feminine faux leather skirt. Now the tan skirt is a perfect neutral color for your wardrobe all season round and in addition has a side slit which really gives it some flair. Often times it’s really difficult to represent these two completely opposite looks but when you find your own way to achieve it, the process can seem almost effortless.

Find what makes you as in individual comfortable and just go with it.

Top: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Prada

Nike Air Max 95 OG “Neon” Review

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Nike Air Max 95 OG “Neon” Review

After much anticipation the Nike Air Max 95 has finally made a come back! Nike brought back the “Neon” 95 to celebrate its 20th birthday. My apologies for the delay in the review; It’s been maddeningly hectic around here but I won’t bore you with the detail. On a more exciting note, my shoes have arrived and I have not stopped drooling over them since.

I faced my first dilemma as I waited for the release on Nike’s website: Which color way to purchase? The release came in two color ways; one being the Black/Anthracite/Cool Grey/Volt; the second being White/Emerald Green/Wolf Grey/Court Purple. Recently, I have discovered my profound love for the color green-any shade, especially neon or lime green. So naturally, I was inclined towards the first color way. When the shoes first arrived I was pleased with the iconic neon color scheme, yet I was worried they wouldn’t go with anything I had. Thankfully, I was proven wrong.

There are many features I appreciate about the shoes, including the reflective patches on the tongue and back of the shoe. The classic suede upper panels compliment the white mesh and neon lacing loops perfectly. The shoe has a combination of leather, mesh, suede and it all works really well together. Not to forget the Nike swoosh placement in neon green and the branded embroidery on the tongue, which looks epic. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable, making me a very satisfied customer. In fact, I just might even have to get them in the other color way.

If you want to snatch a pair, I would purchase them from: Foot Locker