People often  ask me who my favorite blogger is, and I am always perplexed by that question. While I admire several bloggers, I also find it difficult to determine my favorite one. This is mainly because I am aware of the pressures to promote certain companies and I’ve seen many of my favorite bloggers lose their true style along the way. Of course blogging has its perks; who doesn’t love free merchandise? However, I do think it is imperative to remain true to your style without getting tempted by those perks. One such blogger whom I admire greatly is Leandra Medine. For those of you who are not familiar with her name, you might be familiar with her blog “Manrepeller”. She is one of the few fashion bloggers I commend for never losing her own quirky sense of style and always staying true to herself.

So to start off, here’s a blog post on a blog post. When I stumbled upon this video I immediately thought about how incredibly relatable it was. This video accurately depicts my day-to-day feelings and experiences. Leandra goes around and asks guys what they think about her outfit, and the responses she gets are hysterical, yet true. I cannot even begin to mention the countless times dudes have made less-than-flattering remarks on what I wear or what my friends are wearing. But hey, have those guys ever considered that maybe, just maybe, we don’t dress for them, but rather for ourselves! It’s amazing how many times I’ve encountered this in my life from family and friends and its so amazing that Leandra goes out and captures what we all face on video to share with the world. So guys, next time you make a silly comment about what we are wearing, bite your tongue because we don’t do that to you!

Leandra is a women who is not afraid to express herself through her fashion sense and she is great example of a female figure who possesses self respect, which is a quality many of us need to start getting familiar with. Overall, the underlying message in this video is quite strong. Leandra’s best accessory is most definitely the microphone.