When you try to be boho but you still 90’s

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been MIA for some time now, but I’m back. Been working on some new exciting stuff soon to come, I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and a lot of plates to keep spinning, but for now I wanted to share a quick look I put together for you guys. So this is essentially my failed interpretation of what a bohemian look should have been. As you can tell it’s not quite yet boho, but it’s almost there. No worries though, that’s part of the fun in fashion. Sometimes you set out to do something and get something entirely different but just as good. Never try to force fashion, just go where the clothes take you.This is a perfect example of taking a trend and adapting it to your own style. In this case I landed square in the middle of the 90’s, the decade of my heart. It’s always a good day when I get to walk the streets looking like I just stepped out of a Biggie music video (well minus the top).

So now for the process that put together this look. In my original vision the pairing of light wash flared jeans with a bohemian off the shoulder top screamed 70’s and it just seemed like it a perfect fit. I decided to add some sandals to the mix but thought to myself why not take the comfy route and pair it with some kicks. How hackneyed of me right? Choosing sneakers over sandals did throw my outfit off course from what I originally planned, but sometimes when you’re walking the world it’s better to get sidetracked. After all I’m a city girl and I have to stay true to my roots, steady reppin the 90’s always.

Top: top from my middle school days (learn to recycle fashion and be okay with it)

Bottoms: Top Shop

Shoes: Nike Air Max 

Jewelry: Bangels Forever21 and Necklace from Turkey


What dudes really think about our clothes 

People often  ask me who my favorite blogger is, and I am always perplexed by that question. While I admire several bloggers, I also find it difficult to determine my favorite one. This is mainly because I am aware of the pressures to promote certain companies and I’ve seen many of my favorite bloggers lose their true style along the way. Of course blogging has its perks; who doesn’t love free merchandise? However, I do think it is imperative to remain true to your style without getting tempted by those perks. One such blogger whom I admire greatly is Leandra Medine. For those of you who are not familiar with her name, you might be familiar with her blog “Manrepeller”. She is one of the few fashion bloggers I commend for never losing her own quirky sense of style and always staying true to herself.

So to start off, here’s a blog post on a blog post. When I stumbled upon this video I immediately thought about how incredibly relatable it was. This video accurately depicts my day-to-day feelings and experiences. Leandra goes around and asks guys what they think about her outfit, and the responses she gets are hysterical, yet true. I cannot even begin to mention the countless times dudes have made less-than-flattering remarks on what I wear or what my friends are wearing. But hey, have those guys ever considered that maybe, just maybe, we don’t dress for them, but rather for ourselves! It’s amazing how many times I’ve encountered this in my life from family and friends and its so amazing that Leandra goes out and captures what we all face on video to share with the world. So guys, next time you make a silly comment about what we are wearing, bite your tongue because we don’t do that to you!

Leandra is a women who is not afraid to express herself through her fashion sense and she is great example of a female figure who possesses self respect, which is a quality many of us need to start getting familiar with. Overall, the underlying message in this video is quite strong. Leandra’s best accessory is most definitely the microphone.

Trend Alert: Houndstooth

img_20069.jpgIMG_2050IMG_1964 IMG_2013

If there is one T-shirt I could live in for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be my mock neck Cheap Monday shirt dress. I bought this at Cheap Monday a while back but I can never seem to get enough of it. It is perfectly versatile from summer to winter- all you have to do is layer up or down. Since it is summer, I paired my adaptable “T-dress” with my Velcro Adidas x NIGO Stan Smiths (as you can tell, also another wardrobe item I’m smitten by). For those late night brisk chills, I’ve tied around my waist a Houndstooth printed bomber- a gift from Italy, perfect to tie the look together. Houndstooth comes and goes and it’s coming back in a plethora of fresh new ways which has got me so excited. My whole look is super simple. All you need is a casual dress and you can just add some flair by tying a little something around your waist. I’ve also really been into up-dos lately; it’s part of my whole “functional fashion” get up. Throw on some big hoops for some bling and the look is all spiced up. The “bougie-er” the better!

I’m back from California and while my trip was memorable, I must admit it feels great to be back in my element. The west coast is wonderful and I hope that I can spend more time there in the future,  but home will always be the East coast. There’s nothing I would rather do than watch a vibrant sunset on a rooftop whether its in Brooklyn or New York the views never disappoint. Cliche right? But hey, I’m a proud born and raised New Yorker and I can’t help it. Back to dollar slice pizza and the good ol’ subway.

Until next time.