As great as my love for Manhattan is, sometimes you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. But where can you feel at home if not NYC? Well to that I have one answer: California. Prior to this, I had never fully explored the west coast and this trip exceeded all my expectations. It was incredible to see how passionate the people in California were about life. I was also amazed to see how kind and friendly they were compared to us New Yorkers. The places I visited were equally breathtaking. Including one special place that really spoke to me in San Francisco: Haight Street. Let’s just say for my Brooklynites it’s basically Williamsburg on crack. Haight street is the epitome of all things revolving around art, music, vintage shops. All the young urbane creatures crawl around here.

Going to San Francisco, I was definitely unprepared for the weather there. I expected it to be as warm as a tropical island when compared to New York but was instead greeted by a brisk chill everywhere I went. That’s when I happened to stumble across Haight Street. I had no intention of shopping, or at least I thought I didn’t. Then I turned around the corner and saw my version of heaven-one vintage shop after the other. This vintage crawl went on for a while. Then I hit the jackpot. I found the ultimate Nike windbreaker with amazing abstract detail. I’d been craving something like this for a while but had absolutely no clue where to look.

For this look, I paired my jacket with flared Top Shop Jeans and white Velcro Adidas Stan Smiths. I have different phases with jewelry and right now I’m in the “pile as much jewelry on as you can” phase. I’ve stacked rings, layered necklaces and of course my new favorite jewelry piece, my hoops that I can’t seem to leave home without. This look is all about comfort and staying casual. If you want a jacket like mine I would recommend going to any local thrift or vintage shop or checkout Nike. My current vibe is your bougie “mixtape dropping soon” look and I must admit… I’m loving it.