I wasn’t originally planning on posting this, but it occurred to me that the shoot resulted in the perfect example of a “mood shot”. I thought to myself all black is currently how I’ve been feeling in life (I’m sure you all can relate), so this look is a reflection of my personal being and everyday life. For all of those who can relate, my biggest advice is to dress however you feel and never let negative opinions bring you down. Recently, all my work is a reflection of what I’m going through or how I’m feeling a certain day, use your energy to channel creativity and fuel your mind. It is important to document different phases of your life and what better way to do that than through your clothing? Fashion is anything you want it to be so embrace it and personalize it to best represent you in the moment.

Again I am dressed in a Control Sector top and Jacket, if you’re into street wear I highly recommend you check my last post out for more information on their reputable brand.

For more on Control Sector check out their website click here.

  • Photography@Jsalon
  • Creative@YungChamp10n
  • Wardrobe@ControlSector