Control Sector

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with an upcoming and innovative contemporary street-wear brand known as Control Sector. Control Sector is a forward thinking street fashion apparel brand that builds clothes that aim to defy conventions yet remain wearable.

What exactly makes Control Sector clothing so instantly likable and impossible to dismiss? It’s extremely difficult to pin down and define just why a certain brand sticks in our collective consciousness as trendy and avant but with Control Sector the reasons are obvious. They make urban clothes urbane. It’s like a team of scientists put all of today’s youth culture and the hip hop roots of yesteryear into a vat and then distilled the mixture into its purest, most raw essence. Control Sector’s designs seem to come together naturally and organically, with no sense of a particular style being forced. They seem to get the concept and understand exactly what their audience is looking for. And they get it right on the first try, in fashion that’s invaluable.

Despite your preconceived notions, Control Sector isn’t your average street-wear brand, it’s far beyond that. They experiment with materials and focus on the details and textures in each and every one of their garments. Control Sector has that effortless look that is so often highly sought after, and is all about dressing for the future, meaning they’re always one step ahead when it comes to the fashion game. A great deal of their selection consists of minimalistic themes including (but not limited to) loose fitting shirts, drop crotch pants and futuristic zip jackets/raincoats. Control Sector is a company with a vision that I truly admire, and I’m stoked for all of you who get to see these looks.

For more on Control Sector check out their website click here.

  • Photography@Jsalon
  • Creative@YungChamp10n
  • Wardrobe@ControlSector