HPeople often feel the need to purchase expensive clothing and hanker after high end designer products in order to stay up to date on trends. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Being frugal and strategic with your fashion purchases is often underrated, when in fact it’s incredibly easy to put together a polished look using only clothing you got for a bargain. My next look is a head to toe thrifted outfit I procured at a local thrift store in Manhattan. Lately, I’ve been thrifting quite frequently, and I’m finding it’s well worth it for just the sheer amount of creative and intriguing outfits I’m able to fish out. All it requires is that you pay a little bit of attention and think out of the box when browsing.Now that the 70s are making a comeback, thrift stores are the best way to achieve that authentic “retro” fashion forward look. The sensation of stumbling upon a rare and unique piece when thrifting is one of the most satisfactory feelings you can get when shopping for uncommon clothes.

I felt compelled to write this post because of the vast amount of people who think it is necessary to drop their entire salary just to make sure their wardrobe is up to snuff. Many people are opposed to the idea of thrifting because they believe it is dirty and used. Yes it’s used, but don’t we all wear our clothing more than once or twice? I thrifted my entire outfit for a total of $16, including my polo sneakers in brand new condition. As all of you know already, I tend to keep my look minimal and chic so I supplemented the outfit with a Gorjana necklace from my monthly rocksbox. I hope this inspires you all to take a little risk and go explore some thrift stores as you never know what hidden gems await.

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