Here is another summer essential for the ladies aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. It is time to retire all those somber black pieces and make room in your closet for a fresh, clean pop of white. Every wardrobe needs a statement white piece, in order to welcome the warm weather and to step out on the streets with confidence. I know when I’m wearing a fabulous white piece, I feel invincible. For my white statement piece, I’m wearing a white double breasted blazer detailed with pockets and a wrap-around belt from Zara. I’ve coupled the coat with a pair of vivacious white cat-eye shades made by Spitfire (side note: if you haven’t already checked out Spitfire sunglasses they’re definitely worth a look).The combination of the white blazer and the white sunglasses really livens up my outfit. If you’re feeling a little bit bold, you could even consider some white on white action.  Paint the town white with this summer’ s most effortless trend. Ladies, just remember to pack those Tide to-go pens and you’re all set.