Striped up


Stripes continue to be my strongest and most consistent weakness. I happen to experience a never-ending carousel of stripe phases in my closet, and judging by all of my most recent purchases, my stripe fever is most definitely back. My get up below is meant to represent the girl who tends not to try very hard to put together the perfect outfit. She just throws on a plain pair of skinny jeans and an interesting top and yet she knows that she still looks incredible.

DSC_2061 DSC_2072


A few weeks ago I was walking past H&M and I saw this amazing top dressed so poorly on a dull mannequin. I spent some time bemoaning all the wasted potential, which naturally led to me having to try it on, a poor decision on my part because I instantly fell in love. After, with my impulse purchase laid out in front of me, I was thinking of just how I would pair my new alluring top. I eventually decided to slip on a pair of black skinny jeans to tone down the look and fully emphasize my new nautical striped top. As you know I’m all about using stripes to my advantage to enhance my body when needed. I wanted to use the vertical stripes on my top to elongate my torso because skinny jeans tend to accentuate my legs and I didn’t want to divert focus from my top. Stripes, when executed with tact and attention to detail, can completely alter the look of a person for the better. I highly advise that every last one of you should fill your closet to the brim with striped clothing of every variety.

  • Top-H&M, Bottoms-Mango, Shoes-Zara, Sunglasses-Celine. 
  • Photography: Darien Maginn

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