Celestial Festival

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.25.33 AMAs you know one of the most popular music and art festivals, Coachella, is currently taking place. Coachella started this weekend and has one more weekend left to go. I’m pretty biased against many festivals but Coachella is not solely about music and art, it has a prominent fashion presence. Bounteous people come to Coachella dressed in their most cherished bohemian fashion pieces. Unfortunately I cannot physically be there, but that doesn’t mean I can’t mentally be there. Considering I won’t be at the festival this weekend, I wanted to create a fun little story board of potential looks I would wear. Or for any of you music lovers going to Coachella this weekend and need to throw something together last minute this is your guide.

Not only do I consider these fun pieces such as bohemian crop tops, skirts, and shorts only work for festivals, but I believe these festival fashion trends will transition into this summer. So even if you’re not going to Coachella but you want to dress the part, I hope this guide inspires your inner free spirit and helps you build onto your summer wardrobe.

Shop all these styles on Polyvore.


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