A previous post of mine, in which I detailed the NikeLab Air 1 “patch” collection, has garnered quite a bit of attention amongst many of you aspiring fashionistas. An awful lot of people have expressed confusion as to how one would go about styling a sneaker with maximum effectiveness. Many have the feeling that it’s really difficult to find something to match their sneakers with the perfect combination of clothes and accessories. Recently I have had quite a few friends tell me that they love the whole sporty sneaker look but they don’t believe that they can pull it off. Which is false you just need to give it a shot. Sneakers are so incredibly versatile that anyone can throw them on with nearly any outfit and make it come across as conventional. A tip for all my newbie sneaker fans: it all starts off with that first pair of sneakers and from there you’re hooked. Just one pair is all you need to kick off an addiction to what will seem like the most comfortable fashion statement you’ve ever made.

With this outfit I was aiming for an urban spring look, while at the same time trying to integrate my two favorite blends: Femininity and Edge. Everyone wants that seamless and entirely effortless look, which isn’t nearly as difficult to achieve as you’d think, even more so when you throw on a pair of kicks. My outfit is pretty simple; I’m wearing black culottes, one of my favorite trends coming back this season. Us girls all remember rocking our gauchos back in our middle school days, and the good news is they’re back and currently springs hottest trend, a definite must have in everyone’s closet. On top I’m wearing a simple elongated Zara cut off sleeve V-neck, with slits on the side for flavor. As for my accessories I am wearing a gold Marc Jacobs watch, and a flattened pearl necklace I bought during my travels in Turkey. You obviously recognize my footwear, and my socks are by Wilfred from Aritzia. Try this look out, and let me know what you think.