Shades of Blue


This particular look was inspired by the great concrete jungle, with it’s clean lines and cool shades of blue. It’s been a hell of a long winter, and we’re all just about itching for warm weather so I thought I would add a pop of white into my look for the shoot. I paired my favorite spring, flared seventies pants from the Mango premium collection and a Top Shop ribbed navy blue turtle neck. For anyone keeping up with the most recent trends you would know that the 70’s are back in a big way this spring, probably the biggest way since, well, the 70’s.

The pants I’m wearing for this shoot (I call my Summer Finn pants), for all you 500 days of Summer fans out there. To make sure the focus was solely on my outfit, I opted out of wearing any sort of accessories, especially to indulge my minimal tendencies. Some people believe they must include a myriad of jewelry and accessories to piece together a look, when in fact going for the simple yet chic look can say so much more. Remember, less is more!

Photography: Julie Teitler

Styling/Modeling: yours truly

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