Refined Lines


Cleaned and refined lines are physical proof that a little goes a long way, especially in one’s wardrobe.The pinstripe is coming back, and not just if you’re a Yankee fan. I can’t seem to get enough of fine lines, whether it be on my tops or bottoms. The versatility of pinstripes is often underestimated. For example, one could wear pinstripes as separates, or a two piece if you’re going for a playful look. In this photo I’m wearing a straight legged, high waisted pinstripe pant from Zara and a simple white mock neck to accentuate the white stripe in the pant. If you know your body type well, as one should, stripes can be your best friend. Personally, vertical stripes elongate my legs and trust me when I say that I’ve learned over many years that I can never go wrong trying to accentuate them. A closet without pinstripes can easily be mistaken for a Target so do yourself a favor and add pinstripes to the mix wherever possible. They’re worth the investment.

Styling: yours truly

Photography: Julie Teitler


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